ONEST Balance face mask


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Creamy mask infused with botanical extracts for richly hydrated and balanced skin. When applied, it treats problematic skin parts, detoxifes, evens out skin tone and triggers overall regeneration.

50 ml

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FLOWER ACID stands for a new generation of AHA acids. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells, keeps water molecules in the skin, smooths and evens out the skin tone.

Based on clinical studies, the effects of SEAWEED POLYMER AND ZINC are threefold: they optimize sebum levels and prevent bacterial growth; support healing and remedy skin processes; reduce in ammation and soothe. In a comprehensive approach, the skin is thus treated to a complete regeneration process.

Sun-dried GREEN AND WHITE CLAY PROVIDE a rich source of natural minerals and their extraordinary absorbency helps bind toxic substances and harmful microorganisms.

ACTIVATED BAMBOO CHARCOAL is a miracle born from bamboo twigs, shoots and roots carbonized at high temperatures. Being hydrophobic, the charcoal does not bind water and only naturally absorbs impurities from the skin.

LEMON BALM water rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin with major antioxidant and skin moisturizing effects. THE GINGER ROOT EXTRACT soothes and adds a healthy shine. THE ROSEMARY EXTRACT stimulates cell regeneration, moisturizes and increases skin blood flow.

Owing to the texture and effects of the nourishing lotion, the mask does not dry up completely, so the final phase does not drain any moisture from the skin. Following application, the skin is rendered clean, radiant, pampered, perfectly moisturized and supple without any unpleasant skin tension.